Friday, April 28, 2006

Big Sur this weekend.

Just to let everyone know, the Big Sur International Marathon is this weekend and my old editor Dave Kellogg is running in it and he's blogging, too. So checkitout!

It's a mile at a time!

Hey Jon!

OHMYGOODNESS!..... I was Googling to find the website for the BSIM photographers, and your blog came up in the list.

Hope the brain marathon you're doing right now with finals is going well. GOOD LUCK with them!!!

I ran the Big Sur marathon and it was awesome. Slow time, but great experience.

Well..... out of ALL the things that could have happened, I never would have guessed that I'd......

...... slip on a banana peel.....

Yes, I SLIPPED ON A BANANA PEEL AT AN AID STATION!!!!!!!!! hee-hee, I wasn't hurt, but I love telling people about it. :-)

And turning the corner up at Hurricane Point, starting down? That was an amazing moment for me last year, hearing the impossibly beautiful piano music of Jonathan Lee floating up (combined with the running chemicals)..... well, I turned the corner THIS year, and...... the pianist is playing "Send in the Clowns"..... sayWHAAAAT???? I make it all the way to that point and it's Send in the Clowns??!!! :-) Well... Guess it made it memorable.......

Your legend lives on at the marathon, Jon.

Best Wishes, Emily S.
If I've helped inspire you to blog again then I'm a happy man. If i've helped inspire you to run again, I'm a happy runner.
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