Thursday, August 04, 2005

And now... The Bitter

It's been more than a month since I've run.

Watching the marathon on Sunday made me happy for my sister, but also left me wallowing in a San Francisco Bay's worth of self pity. Oh, if only for the shinsplints, if only I was more disciplined, if only I wasn't moving, if only...

It's a unique feeling to be handed a sack of swag for a race that you're not running. It's strange to have a tech shirt that says: "Run SF: You should have been there." I was there, but I really wasn't.

And it's with more sadness that, on Sunday, I came to a realization as I watched all the fit folks cross the finish line: 26.2 miles is a distance to be respected. It's no walk in the park like a 10k, no 2-hour jaunt like a half marathon. New York is three months away, and with the time commitment of moving and the desire to do well in my first year of law school, I don't think I can devote the race the time it deserves.

So I'm dropping out.

I'm not going to run New York. I'm still going to run, as soon as I get to LA, for all the reasons why running is a great thing to do: fitness, sanity, comedy. I'm going to run for the sake of running, without an immediate goal. And if I can do that, if I can prove to myself I can keep a regimen for its own sake, then I will have accomplished something almost as good as crossing the finish line in Central Park.

not 'almost as good' - just as good. Different good. It's sad when you realise you can't have it all, not all at once anyway - but you'll get over it (hugs). The NY marathon will still be there when it's the right time for you to do it justice (oh no, a law school pun, oh dear...)

Alison (Melbourne, Australia)
And like I said...this means you're automatically qualified to run NYC '06. Two marathons in a year is a tough goal for even the most experienced runners. Don't let this get you down. Just concentrate on staying fit for now. Once you're in school you'll have access to the pool there...MUCH easier on the body. Give deep water running a chance and allow your shins some time to heal. If you can lose another 10 lbs or so, that will be that much less impact you send through your legs with every step.
see you can do NY with me in 06. perhaps for now we can hear about your law school happenings :)
It's a shame you took a spot in the NYC marathon from a "real runner". This is the greatest marathon!! You should not have applied if you weren't serious about it. There are too many people (serious, dedicated, passionate runners) that didn't get a slot. I admire your accomplishments during the Big Sur Marathon; it was a wonderful story. Most runs are not a struggle or chore. When you have a passion for running, you can't wait to get the running shoes on and hit the road. I would suggest a running group if you really want to make running a part of your life. It can be a great motivator. I wish you luck in finding an activity/exercise that you enjoy and look foreward to.
Damn. That's harsh. If no one dropped out, the field would be even more ridiculously crowded than it already is. They set the registration process up in a way that hardly anyone can be totally positive that they're still going to want to run this particular race more than half a year later. I've given a hefty sum of my hard earned cash to NYRRC just to hold on to my place in case I might want to run. As the system stands now, you really don't have any other choice!

- A "real runner" (whatever that's supposed to mean)
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good on you anonymous for kicking a man when he's down and not even having the guts to sign your name. What a crock of the proverbial that whole comment is. No one can tell what will happen during the long lead-up to a marathon. If Lance Armstrong had to pull out becuase of other life events would you diss him? And as for the 'serious, dedicated, passionate runners' bit - what's that about? Go Jon go - don't be disheartened by those uncharitable remarks. Keep blogging - we miss you.

Alison, Melbourne
Hey Jon,

Jogging is a great way to get out of the law library and commune with nature.
I started jogging in law school, at least one hour or about 3 miles a day. I was able to stay in such good shape with this routine that I frequently ran in 5K, 10K and marathons in the area.
I spent so much of my time sitting in a law library carroll all three years. Jogging was an enormous release from the pressures of reading case after case and gave me much needed extra energy.
Best of all, it kept me sane! I kept it up for 14 years after I finished law school. Now, I power walk, which is a lot easier on my back and knees and is actually more relaxing than jogging.
Good luck this first year. If you make it through the first nine months, and you will, you'll see the light at the end of the tunnel that will pull you through the remaining 2 years.
Congratulations on leaving the Herald. It will prove to be one of the best decisions of your life. I can't imagine there's much of a future for anyone at such a tiny newspaper, regardless of your talent. I saw an article over the weekend that essentially said farewell to numerous key Herald staffers. It's a bad sign when so many gifted journalists leave a paper for greener pastures.
But hey, you're out of there!
Maybe I'll walk into you on the jogging trail one of these days!
damn good blog, check out mine, comments always welcome!
C'mon back out and play! The fitness, sanity, and comedy are all waiting for you!

Temperatures in L.A. are finally getting tolerable for running (if you go early or late enough). So come on back out and play. It's time. You know you want to. ;-)

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Good for you for dropping out if you knew it was something you couldn't put your heart into. Who wants to just be able to say they stumbled across the finish line and didn't even enjoy the race? The marathon will still be around for a good long time, so do it when you can do it well!
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