Friday, July 08, 2005

Shoe Circus


So -- I'm less than three weeks away from SF Half Marathon and four months away from New York. And no running. I am filled with shame, but I have a good excuse. The shinsplints are here. And so is a new layer of flab.

Is it my destiny to have shinsplints if I run? Do I need to give up the sport? I'm not sure. But I've decided to see if throwing money at the problem will help it go away. And what's the best thing to spend money on if you're a runner? New shoes.

So, last weekend, I went to my neighborhood running store to get a new pair of shoes. I have been running on two pairs of Mizuno Wave Nirvana stability shoes and determined that after 8 months they might be getting a little bit soft. Plus, some had suggested that I upgrade to a "motion-control" shoe (read gigantic brick that you strap to your foot and makes an uncomfortable clomp sound when you step on it.)

After the salesperson convened a scientific conference to analyze my feet, my gait and my peculiar odor, it was decided that the store didn't have an appropriate shoe for me, that one would have to be ordered for me to try.

Meanwhile, my leg still hurts and I'm starting to panic.

Hang in there! It's frustrating, but you *will* get better and run those races.
I used to get shinsplints, but I finally found the right shoe and they magically went away. Ice & advil, of course, but the shoes made all the difference. Now I'm never switching shoes!
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