Tuesday, July 19, 2005

cha cha changes...

There have been few changes stranger than the transformation I've gone through in the last few months: from sedentary to running robot and back, temporarily, to sedentary again. The new look is just a start. Other changes are afoot.

But today I bought a new pair of shoes. Sure, at Size 13 and red, it looks a little like I stole them from Ronald McDonald. But I'm no hamburglar, although I do like to get supersized every once in a while. The shoes, hopefully, will end my shinsplint misery once and for all, and just in the nick of time. The New York Marathon is just three months away, and I have my work cut out for me if I want to finish, let alone break five hours.

I'm giving myself a 50/50 shot, but those odds are a lot more generous than the chances people gave me to conquer Big Sur. (Whether Big Sur was conquered, or merely divided into running and walking, well, that's up to debate.)

Tomorrow morning, back here in the Midwestern flatness of my parents' Minneapolis home, I think I'll try to run for just a half hour or so in the new kicks. If I don't melt in the 90 degree heat, you people will hear about it. Let's just hope I don't turn out like a piece of Velveeta left in the microwave.

ooh now we can comment- so excited. I like the new look and can't wait to see how the training progresses! :)
YES!! At long last, I will comment on you blog!!!
your blog, I mean...
here come the comments! best of luck in the conquering of shin splints!
Hope it goes well!
It's all about the comments you know. New shoes are always good to kick start a training program. I gots to get me some of those myself.
Wow! We can comment! Just wanted to say that I've enjoyed reading your blog for the longest time and I think you guys rock! :)
Just checking to make sure I've got this straight. This is a blog about one obviously unhealthy, unprepared marathon runner to be who also happens to be one of your reporters? It's pathetic. Looks like the other guy dropped out months ago. Where is the Herald's so-called leadership on this one? Posting a blog just to say you've got one doesn't cut it.
Just to clear things up, Anon, both K. Ottmar and myself ran the Big Sur Marathon, with me finishing at 5:06. I've continued the blog now, after leaving the paper. I'm flattered that the paper still deems this link-worthy.
Eh, he's just jealous. You've earned yourself some loyal fans and friends though this blog.
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