Friday, May 27, 2005

Football!!! In Prison!!!

???60 mins.Home to PG High Brisk

Welcome to The Longest Mile: The official Web site of a hilarious new movie starring Adam Sandler, Chris Rock and Burt Reynolds. They play a ragtag bunch of prisoners who take on an elite team of prison guards in a football game. In the process, they score a couple points for human dignity in the face of The Man.

HEY!!! WAIT A SECOND!!! This isn't The Longest Yard, it's The Longest Mile. (Although you wouldn't be able to tell it from all the people who stumbles here with the Google search The Longest Mile Movie.) Although I'm prone to bits of juvenile anger, you're not going to find Billy Madison here. I like to smile a big toothy grin, but I'm no Chris Rock. And, although I have been married to Lonnie Anderson and was the star of Smokey and The Bandit Four: Truckin' in Heaven, I'm not Burt Reynolds. No football. No prison guards.

What you'll find here is a blog about a ragtag fat guy trying to run a few miles, in the process scoring a couple points for human dignity in the face of The Flan (and other delicious deserts).

On that topic, I ran about an hour yesterday. I still feel like I'm not in great shape. Actually, it feels like my physical condition has slipped quite a bit since the marathon. Everything is still a struggle. I had a big bowl of Eel and rice for lunch yesterday, and, about 10 minutes into my run yesterday I burped. As if you can't guess what happened next, I'll enlighten you. I burped up little eel chunks! Gross!

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