Friday, May 20, 2005

Down a deserted road...

between 5 and 656:40 mins.Down South Boundary Road???

For six months, it's been taunting me: a road, closed off to traffic, through the scrubby hills of deserted Fort Ord. Yesterday afternoon, it was finally time.

I was the only person there, alone with the ghosts of five decades of military training chasing me down the lonesome highway. Around the first bend, I discovered the perils of running an unfamiliar road: you don't ever know what's coming next.

In this case, it was hills. Lots and lots of hills. Actually, it was a big hill that rose in three tiers. It took me about 12 minutes to get up it, so it was probably a mile long. Then, around another corner, more hills.

After 34 minutes, I turned around. It took me 22 minutes to get back to my car. Go figure.

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