Monday, May 02, 2005

Big Sur Blues

A little more than a week after the marathon. the post-race blues are starting to set in.

It's not so bad. I haven't taken to the bed with a box of Oreos, listening to old Radiohead albums on repeat and letting tears wear canyons on my chubby cheeks.

But the glory of last Sunday has all but worn off. That, coupled with the realization that I probably should take another two weeks off the trails to give my legs a chance to fully heal, has left me feeling just a little dumpy.

Yeah, I still walk around my house with my Big Sur International Marathon medal around my neck. Just yesterday, I forgot that I was wearing it and left the house with it on. After 10 minutes or so, I figured out why the neighborhood skate kids were staring at me. With that gigantic medallion hanging from my neck, I must have looked like a bigger, paler version of Flavor Flav.

So, maybe it's time to consider a new goal. Perhaps a half marathon in the summer (Runner's World SF?) and a full race in the fall (Twin Cities Marathon? New York Marathon?)

You can only bask in the glory of past achievements for so long. Like bathwater, if you lay in them too long, you'll start to shrivel up.

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