Saturday, April 02, 2005

Sink or swim? A little of both

13 MILES2:38.12My house, past Lovers, past Asilomar, past PG High School, into Pebble Beach down to Spanish Bay then to my parents12:10 per mile

The knee felt no better, no worse. I had to run, one way or the other. A mile into it, it started to hurt. At about a mile and half, I decided to bag it. As I turned back towards my house, I began to think that I had only 3 weeks until the marathon. A decision had to be made. It was time to sink or swim.
Screw it, I thought. I will either run through the pain or blow out my knee. Either way, my problem will be solved. What did Shakespear say about the best laid plans?
Well, the pain never went away, though it was tolerable. I pushed past the Wharf and was feeling great otherwise. Got to the Aquarium, no great white, still a lot of people lining up to get in there. Past Lovers, I could still feel some real tension in the knee, but kept going. Around mile seven, I popped a few Advil and downed my only GU pack. As I got to Mile 10, I started to go up Sunset, a medium sized hill. At that point, I really felt like I could have turned around and jogged another 10 miles back to my house.
Funny how 10 minutes later I felt entirely different.
The hill just about killed me. I tired quickly, and the pain in my knee grew. As I reached the top, I took a right turn on Congress, heading towards Forest Grove Elementary. Past that school, I made it to the Forest Lodge gate and began to really feel quite dizzy. My energy was gone and I felt really quite hungary. I turned into Pebble, and took Congress down to Spanish Bay. As I trodded down the hill, I almost fainted. My head felt light and my vision began to blur. The only real sensation I was aware of was throbbing in my knee. Once I made it to Spanish, I started to walk. I had to, I really thought I was going to black out.
Well one minute turned into two and when I started to run again, my knee said, "I don't think so, bud." It hurt, like someone had driven a nail into it and was applying more pressure each time I stepped. Even when I stopped running and began walking again, the pain was still there.
I walked the last half mile back to my parents, killing the decent time I had made. Not that time is the important factor in all this. My knee, however, is.
I don't know the solution to this. I had found a way for the majority of this run to deal with the pain. I believe had I not ran the hill and became dizzy, I could have finished 16 or 17 miles. Honestly.
The problem, naturally, is that Big Sur is nothing but hills. I think I will consult my soft tissue guy, and hopefully, he will find a way to make it all go away. My legs, by the way, feel fine. My feet feel fine. My hips, my back, my whatever, feel fine. It's the knee. If if fix that....well, it will be a wait and see proposition.

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