Friday, April 15, 2005

Oh, what's that? It's the Friday sack!

This week we hear from Garbriella, belissima from Italy, and San Francisco runner Alyssa.

Hi Jonathan!

I'm Gabriella and I'm writing from Italy (so I'm sorry for my bad English), I found your blog because I read about that on an Italian newspaper of running.
I can understand what you and Ken are passing through because last year I had this insane idea to get ready for a marathon, the one I had been dreaming to run since years, the New York City marathon. All my friends was thinking I was crazy but I wanted to prove to everybody and to myself that if I really want it, with the right training, also a normal girl like me could run a MARATHON.
So I did it, I trained for 9 months and at the end I run the Ing NYC Marathon, 9 months just like having a baby and it was like having a baby! Very painfull but an unique experience! At the arrive I also cryed, you know after much effort I had reach my purpose, finally I got the medal! It was an unforgettable day…
Now I'm still running, I can'tstop, and maybe this will happen to you, too. I hope so, because so then you will keep on writing on your blog and I can keep on reading it!
I'm sure you will be great on the Big Sur Marathon, because you want it, and that's all.

good luck for the marathon,


Taste your pain?
I'm living it.
Big Sur was my first marathon, and it was quite the first marathon to do. I had friends who would ask me if I wanted to do my first marathon on such a difficult course, and my response would be "26.2 miles is going to kill me no matter what, so I may as well kill myself while enjoying good scenery."
The low point: Hitting the last hill right around mile 25, a short but steep one. After running for 25 miles, with the previous 9 into a headwind, it was all I could do to not sit down and cry.
The high point: Finishing. And deciding that was kinda fun, and I wanted to do it again.
It was the most physically challenging thing I had done, but I totally loved it. I was cruising on that runner's high for days, even if I spent the first 3 of those days doing the post-marathon Frankenstein shuffle, and walking up stairs and curbs backwards. I didn't learn my lesson though, and did it 2 more times. I'm training (kinda, in my best gimpy way) for my 4th try at Big Sur.
I'm totally whacked in the head, I know. But I guess it takes a little bit of that to want to run 26.2 miles. In one day.

Good luck to you and Ken!
- Alyssa

You can check out Alyssa's blog about her training by clicking here!

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