Friday, March 25, 2005

Friday mail sack.

I didn't run today, but I didn't plan to, so it's not a failure.

I didn't get much mail this week, so that's kind of a failure. But I did get a delightful letter from Sandy, who helps me put the difficulties of my last long training run into perspective. At least nothing bit me last saturday, although I'm sure my salt-covered flesh would have been tasty.

Subject: Bag of peas
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005
From: "Sandy"


I've really enjoyed reading your columns and your "adventures" in running. Even though I am relegated to walking because of back problems and will only be able to do the Power Walk at Big Sur, I can totally relate to your trainings.
I have had many, many horror stories in trainings over the last 5 years while training for various marathons and half marathons and have found the Contour paks ( from Moraga are much better than peas.
I bought my first one at the Big Sur Marathon in 2000 and have purchased others since then (when one body part hurts, there is usually another equally painful spot on the other side of the body hurting too).
Your painful 22 miler will make you mentally stronger for the marathon. Even if things do not go perfectly, you will know YOU CAN DO IT!!! When things get tough for me I remember my last long training before my first marathon when I was doing 26 miles for the training.
I was bitten by a dog on mile 15 so my leg was throbbing and my stride was thrown off. For the remainder of the miles I had muscle spasms in all sorts of weird places because of my strange gait, blisters which I had never had before, and I was a physical and emotional mess.
My husband waits at each mile for me on the dirt roads where I train and all I could think of when I saw his truck down river was that all I had to do was to make it to the truck.
Just as I was almost there, he drove off down the road. When I finally got to where he stopped and asked if that was 26 miles, he smiled and said no, you did the whole 26.2! If I had the strength, I would have strangled him.
A few months later he was smart enough to call from his truck instead of telling me face to face that his odometer on his truck was off and I had actually gone 27.5 miles that day. Why didn't I stop when bitten - because I had to get the long one done and I did not want to repeat those 15 miles!
I know your next training run will go better and I hope you fly like the wind! I will cheer for you at Big Sur when you run by me.


A fan from the CA/OR border

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