Thursday, February 24, 2005

G'day mate, I did 8

8 miles1:22.12My parents house to lovers and back10:16 per mile

Fear crept into my head eary this morning around 4 a.m. The Marathon is two months away. I cannot lag anymore. I am confident (I know I say this all the time) but I realize that I have to put in some serious runs over the next 8 weeks. Time is running out.

That said, Thursday's are my worst days to run. My wife has school all day and then works all night. Doesn't leave much time to get out there. But I swindled my parents into watching Alexandra and escaped for a little 8 miler.

It was a good run, perhaps my best 8 miles to date. Yes, I struggled a bit in the first four miles, but found a good rhythm and finished strong, nearly sprinting back to my parents over the last half mile.

I am going to get in a 10 miler either Saturday or Sunday. That will give me 26 miles for the week. Not bad. Starting next week, I shoot for 30 plus in the whole week. The time is now. I am ready.

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