Saturday, February 05, 2005

10 good, 2 very painful

12 miles2:20.14My parents, up to middle school to high school around Asilomar to Lovers along Rec trail past wharf past Embassy down Del Monte up La Salle to my houseFirst 10 miles: 10:55 per mile. Last 2 miles: 15 minutes per mile. Total: 11:45 per mile

My legs lack any real substance to even describe how they feel. Needless to say, I am completely tired, exhausted and a bit awestruck.

BUT I DID IT. 12 Miles. I could have cheated, as my wife again showed up at the nine mile mark asking me if I needed to stop. I waved her off this time, but by mile 11 I was begging for her to return. She didn't and though I walked more than I ran in the final 2 miles, I finished nonetheless.

But now I am paying for it. And I have to work in about 50 minutes. The price you pay when you put yourself on the hook. No word yet on Segal's attempt for 16. Hope it went well for him.

I really felt good the first 10 miles. That, I think is getting easier. But now AT&T is this week, and I'll be working 11 hour days from Tuesday through Sunday. Not a lot of time to get some runs in. I'll figure something out.

What the hell. I did 12. One more mile and I'm halfway there.

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