Sunday, January 09, 2005

Secrets and rainbows.

12 mi.2:15:17Downtown PG to Mtry City Hall to Veteran's Park to Mtry High School to Del Monte Center to Fisherman's Wharf to Lovers Point to 17-Mi. Drive to Downtown PG11:16 mins./mi.

One of the best things about running is that it forces you to see things and explore areas that you normally wouldn't. The few people I ran into along the way nodded at me and smiled. We were all in on a secret: going outside can be fun even when it's raining.

Yesterday's run was a perfect example. First of all, if I wasn't training for the marathon, I would have never gone out in the pouring rain. But I did, because the chart said I had to run 12 miles. And I obey the chart like a dog obeys its master.

Running outside in the rain, I saw a Monterey I haven't seen before - a Monterey in full drainage mode. Gutters and ditches were transformed into miniature but raging rivers. I could actually hear water rushing down toward the sea. And everything was an emerald dream.

Running up through Veteran's Park, near the top of the city, gave me a taste of what to expect runnining up Hurricane Point on race day. It seemed like the climb would never end.

Running back down to the wharf, the sun began to peek out from the clouds. Looking out to the ocean, I saw something that made me break into applause even as my legs ached from nine miles of abuse. Across the bay, seeming to originate from the smoke stacks of Moss Landing, was one of the brightest rainbows I'd ever seen. It illuminated the coast line with its, well, rainbow of colors. I could even see purple.

Getting home, I ate two bowls of cereal, overflowing with milk and carb-rich honey (four big blobs). And I wasn't comatose the rest of the day.

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