Saturday, January 01, 2005

Resolutions for healthier living

Happy New Year's everyone.

I didn't get out to run today, but I'll be doing 11 miles tomorrow to make up for it. And I'm making some resolutions to live healthier for the year:

1) When someone brings donuts to the office, I'll only eat one... At least until everyone else has a chance to get one.

2) When I order an extra-value meal from McDonald's, I'll always make sure to get a Diet Coke.

3) Substitute pork for beef. After all, pork's the other white meat.

4) I'll hide the remote, so I'll get exercise walking to the TV to change the channel.

5) Three Words: Crisco, not Lard.

6) Eat with smaller bites. Smaller bites have less food.

7) I'll take the escalator instead of the elevator so I can work my arms.

8) When I go to KFC, I'll get the original recipe, not the extra tasty crispy.

9) I'll add weights to my favorite beer cozy.

10) Drink exclusively lite beer.

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