Sunday, January 09, 2005

Rain, rain, go away

3 MILES29:38My house in Seaside along General Jim Moore, down Broadway to Freemont to La Salle back up to my house9:50

Rain can be refreshing. It can also be downright cold. On my last long run, the rain seemed to help revive me. Today it was the opposite.
I had been cooped up all weekend and hadn't run in a few days. The rain has that effect on me. But I knew that today I had to get some mileage in. So, I pushed for time rather than distance.
I can say this: Better to run on a regular basis than not to. I know that's kind of like saying it's better to make 20 dollars an hour than 10, but my point is that taking an extra day off is more damaging than restful.
But I did make the time I was hoping. And the last mile was all up hill. I kind of puckered there towards the top but pushed myself to finish.
I'm back at it tomorrow, even if it rains and even if I just need to put in 5 or so miles.

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