Monday, January 10, 2005

A pain in the mouth

I've had lingering crud for about a week now. Tired, achey, big, black Tony Soprano/Kenneth Cole bags under my eyes. I thought it was a brewing cold, facilitated by my frequent two-hour jaunts in the pouring rain. I thought it was a cold, or recurring mono, or maybe Dengue fever, but maybe I thought wrong.

At the same time as all the symptoms were occuring, I had throbbing pain in my teeth. (Confession: I haven't been to the dentist in, like a decade.) Basically, it felt like the Doozers (those little green dudes from Fraggle Rock) were at work inside my mouth, hammering away at my teeth with their miniature jackhammers. My pop's suggested that my feelings of general crudiness could be a raging bacterial infection underneath my enamel. It appears that there is a party in my mouth, and all single-celled organisms are invited.

So I've called a new dentist and will visit him Wednesday morning, if the theoretical infection doesn't spread to my brain in before that. Oh my gosh. What if it's spread to my brain already? What if these are the ravings of a madman? What does this have to do with training for the marathon?

Anyway. I'll try to run 6 miles on the treadmill tonight, and run them fast. I hope I feel better, soon, because this weekend I'm running a half marathon in SoCal with my sister. That is, if my tooth infection doesn't turn me into a crazy zombie vegetable blob before then.

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