Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The mystery of one flipper

10.1 mi.1:59:32 hrs./mins./sec.Monterey Bay Aquarium <--> Pacific Grove High School11:50 mins./mi.

One of the great things about running near the ocean is getting to see weird, mysterious stuff. There are the great spiny bush p/lants, their orange bristle flowers currently in bloom. I've seen seaweed washed up that looks like giant squid. I've seen couples, making out, oblivious to those of us trying to exercise around them.

But today I saw something that piqued my interest. There, laying on the trail, was one flipper. It wasn't a strange flipper. Standard black rubber. Strap. All there. But I wonder how it got there? Sure, some diver probably left it behind after a dive, but what fun is that? I prefer to think that it was left behind by a covert, 007-style agent, who is currently infiltrating the picturesque town of Pacific Grove. Is he stealing the secrets of the monarch butterfly? Perhaps he works for Disney, and is trying to gather ideas about turn-of-the-century Victorian architecture to steal for their next theme park, Potpourri Land?

Or maybe the owner of the flipper is still out there, in the Bay. On foggy nights, nights like this one, he comes out, to look for his flipper, and seek revenge on the kids who ran him over with their jet skis.

Have I mentioned that sometimes my mind wanders while I run? Speaking of running, I was super slow today. My legs feel dead tired from the race, and I don't want to hurt myself. Then again, I feel like I couldn't have run much faster this morning anyway. Sigh.

I'm still working on posting pictures from Sunday's race. Bear with me.

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