Friday, January 21, 2005

Making a mountain out of a treadmill

5.057:12 mins.T to the R to the eadmill11:25 ish mins./mi.

The schedule called for five, so, dagnabbit, I did five. But I didn't feel like running it fast. And I was on the treadmill. And I'm beginning to dread the hills of Big Sur, particularly Hurricane Pt., the 550-ft, two-mile extravaganza of suffering at miles 10 - 12 of the Big Sur Marathon.

So what did I do? I raised the incline on the treadmill.

How much did I raise it? I don't know. The treadmill didn't display the degrees of angle.

How many pounds of water did I lose while running? Four. In an hour.

Today is an off-day. Tomorrow doesn't get easier, though. I have to run 14. Eeeek!

I'll post Friday Mailbag later today.

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