Saturday, January 22, 2005

Like I was in a race

9 miles1:35.22My parents house in P.G. (Asilomar) to Lovers along the bike path to my house atop Seaside (La Salle)10:35 per mile

The elusive 10 mile mark will have to wait a few more days. NOT THAT I GIVE A RAT'S YOU-KNOW-WHAT. Easily my best run to date, I was looking for 10 but my wife happened to drive by right at the 9 mile mark and well, a free ride, sounded too good to pass up (my legs felt like four-day old jello by that time). I couldn't believe my pace. When I calculated what I had done (it was a non-stop run by the way) I was mid-10's. What was I thinking? Well, let me tell you, it felt like I was in a race.

Here's the breakdown.

I opted to run the reverse route of what I usually do. I drove to my parent's house and found a route that was exactly on the dot 10 miles. Now driving from Seaside to P.G., I noticed that it was sunny up until you got to where my parents live - which is two blocks from Asilomar Beach. That was a good thing because I knew that I was running into the warmth.

Anyways, it was exactly 3.5 miles to Lovers Point, a route that I took down Pico to Ocean View, around the golf course. I was cruising, in fact, I felt real energized in the fog. When I reached Lovers, I was at 32 minutes, and knew that I was cooking. It was here that things got interesting.

First, I ran into an old friend of mine who I had seen in a over a year. She was running in the opposite direction with her 1-and-half year old daughter in one of those baby jogger thingamajig. We had one of those classic runners moments, where we stopped to talk but kept our legs running in place. The talk was brief, as I was feeling to good to let this momentum slip away.

About a half-a-mile later I heard a loud voice booming in my direction, "Bears Suck." Now anyone who knows me knows I'm a huge Chicago Bears fan. Actually I like all the Chicago teams - especially the Cubs. (The only sport I root for regionally is the Sharks in Hockey). The voice sounded like my good friend Steve but when I turned towards it, I couldn't find him

Pressing on, I blew passed the Aquarium (4.5 mile mark) and right around Edgewater I saw Pacific Grove football coach Buck Roggeman walking with his wife and daughter. Buck is an old friend as well and he yelled out, "Keep it going."
It was good encouragement and I did so as order.

Less than a half-mile later a man in a small group of bikers yelled out, "Go Longest Mile, Go." I have no idea who that was but didn't care. It brought a smile to may face and even though I was starting to get real thirsty (the sun was now in full force) I pushed on. I guess someone really is reading this crap.

Anyways, I pushed on past Fisherman's Wharf and that's where my legs began to weaken on me. Inwardly, I felt O.K. I wasn't tired like on Wednesday's 6 miler. I realized that I was crossing a threshold where I hadn't been too many times before. Plus, I was just getting over a cold and my legs were probably not used to such continued punishment.

By the time I hit the 8-mile mark (Embassy Suites) I began to let doubt creep in. I knew I could make it another mile but the final one is entirely up hill. And I wasn't looking forward to that. I think that is why when my wife pulled up right before the beginning of the hill I opted to take the ride home.

That may be a bit of cop out. I don't care. I feel great. I feel like 10 miles is going down soon and better than anything else I didn't have to walk today. Confidence is at an all-time high. So I will ride this into Monday's 5-miler and push for 10 miles on Wednesday.

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