Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Jon, meet the Cavitron.

3.5ish39 minutes or soAround P.G.11 ish, or somewhere around that, I guess

After running the Carlsbad Half Marathon on Sunday, I took time off Monday to rest my weary loins and have the dentist drill out a cavernous hole in one of my molars.

The dentist used something called a Cavitron (Now with Power Boost!) to sand-blast four years of tartar off my teeth. It was awful. He asked me if I was comfortable. I told him that it wasn't exactly a Caribbean cruise. He gently scolded me, asking me what I expected after a five-year absence from dentisry. After the worst was over he told me that I had to approach dental hygiene like I was approaching my marathon training. (Slow, with a lot of Spandex?)

Anyway, half marathon and dental care behind me, I was ready to hit the road again this morning. I took a casual stroll around PG, testing out a new pair of tights I bought at the race. I didn't track my distance, I didn't plan a route, I didn't care about being fast. My legs were still sore from Sunday, and I was tired most of the run. And that's okay. Afterward, I stretched longer than normal. I hope my body will thank me for it later.

I hope to post photos of Carlsbad later today, including one of my sweaty, hairy, gelatinous back. Yum!

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