Monday, January 24, 2005

I'm Okay, I think.

The alarm of Saturday has faded into the relief of Monday. My calf appears to be fine. Althoughj I haven't run on it yet, (That's for tonight, after work.) there's no bruising, swelling or soreness. Apparently, it was just a cramp.

Now, all I'm left with are questions and the specter of doubt. Since I can't exorcise my demons until I exercise my legs, I'll send the questions out to you, the readers.

1) How can cramps like that be prevented?

2) What caused it?

3) What if something like that happens during a race/during the marathon?

4) What happened to the Carmel morning running group? Were they scared off by the pictures from Carlsbad?

5) Is Kenny's resurgence directly related to my downfall.


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