Wednesday, January 19, 2005

If it's not too cold, its too hot

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I'd just about take warm weather to raining weather any day. But not today. It doesn't help that I've been sick for the past week. And I do not excercise when I am sick.
But maybe I should have. Because I felt it today.
I wanted 8 miles. I got 6.2. I wanted to run in the low 11's. I ran in the low 12's. I wanted to run continuously. I had to stop almost a half dozen times.
But I should be thankful that it was not because of my foot. I just was tired. The longest I went without stopping was 2 miles, and those were the first two. Still, it had been 9 days since I did any running at all. And I don't feel to bad right now. Tired, but not sick or really that sore.

I firmly believe I still have enough time to get ready for April 24th. The key will be not to have anymore big breaks. I'll be back out there Friday. And this time, 8 miles will be the minimum.

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