Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Helping hands

Thanks to all who wrote in advice for the cramping troubles outlined below.

Here's one of the letters people sent me:

Julia XXXX juliaesther.XXXXX@XXX.xx
Sent :  Monday, January 24, 2005 5:04 PM
To :  jonsegal@hotmail.com
Subject :  Partial answers

1) How can cramps like that be prevented?
- You should be drinking AT LEAST two litres of water a day. Are you?
- Eat bananas (excellent source of potassium)

2) What caused it?
- Could have been from dehydration. Could have been from lack of potassium in system.

3) What if something like that happens during a race/during the marathon?

- You can prevent it by hydrating before the race (DAYS before the race) and
drinking at least a cup of water every 30' of running
- stretch it out, walk, keep moving slowly.

4) What happened to the Carmel morning running group? Were they scared off by the pictures from Carlsbad?

- What a rude bunch of people!

5) Is Kenny's resurgence directly related to my downfall?



Now if only someone could help me out with my donut problem.

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