Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Clogged and confused

I didn't run yesterday, because my toothache/cold turned into a full-blown sneezing fiesta. In the kindness of my heart, I felt it would be unfair to expose the crowd at the gym to my spewing mucous, spreading the wiley beastie bacteria around through the air.

I spent the night in a feverish Nyquil haze, the viscous day-glo green liquid coating my brain, prompting dreams of marathon training combined with war correspondent work in Iraq. Strange, huh? I woke up confused and disoriented, unable to determine if the yogurt smoothie I was drinking for breakfast was past its expiration date. Which number comes first, the month or the day? Are yogurt smoothies supposed to be fizzy?

I hope to run tonight, just an easy few miles on a treadmill, but I'll have to see.


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