Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Another day off. (Or the devil wears merit badges.)

I found this article with advice on running through a cold. After reading it (and falling asleep on my keyboard in the middle), I've decided to take another night off. Becuase of fatigue and a general dizzy feeling (Nyquil, I'm looking in your direction here,) No gym. No outdoors. Just more sleep. And tea. I have to be well rested to go to the dentist tomorrow morning, eh?

I wonder what happens if you go to the dentist with your nose plugged up? Breathing through your mouth can be unpleasant at the dentist, maybe.

I also wonder how much weight I've gained in three days of non-training. I'm a big subscriber to the "feed a cold" treatment strategy. And the reporter next to me brought in Girl Scout Cookie samples to get us hooked so that we buy them from her daughter. I think they have a secret ingredient in them: crack.

I've had an unfortunate tendency to eat those cookies one roll at a time. Who hasn't "done" an entire roll of thin mints fresh from the freezer? Who's felt shame afterwards? Come on, you, in the corner, with the chocolate under your nails. That's right, tubby, fess up. The group feels your pain.

I wonder how the math works? Does one roll of cookies = one roll of flub above my belt.?

Anyway, she's gotten all of us hooked on her do-si-dos and thin mints and other chocolard-peanut butter confections, and soon she'll be by to collect our cash. I wish someone would get this cookie monster off my back. The crumbs are making me itch.

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