Monday, January 24, 2005

And One Ring to rule them all

Has anyone noticed that Krispy Kreme donuts are everywhere? I went shopping on Sunday, and, I swear, every story had a little KK display.

I saw them, sitting there in the lights. They were glistening, the dewey sweat of sweetness dripping off thier glazed surfaces. But I was strong. I didn't buy a box. I didn't buy a single donut. I didn't even buy a hole.

I know that every pound I weigh come April will be a pound I have to lug 26.2 miles.

Then, I get into work this morning. Some dang fool brought donuts to work today. Two boxes. Assorted.

From my desk on my side of the newsroom, I felt their pull. I was like Frodo, and the donuts were pulling me to Mordor. I heard the call of the rings. I am but a man. I am weak. I ate two.

Now, I head to the gym. I'll test out my calf, see if I'm injured, and hopefully burn off one of those cursed pastries.

I bet the founder of Krispy Kreme was named Sauron.

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