Thursday, December 09, 2004

Waaah. My toe hurts.

3 mi.32:15 mins.David to Sinex to Congress in PG10:45 min./mi.

After my 8-mile odyssey on the treadmill Wednesday, I was relieved to only have to run 3 miles today. My body might be beginning to show some signs of wear. Yesterday, I started getting a strange pain in my big toe. Today, it's worse, and when I flex my toe, I feel it up the top of my foot. It's a creeping sort of pain, like hot syrup dripping down foot, searing the hair as it sizzles. I hope it doesn't spread. I hope they don't have to amputate. Then again, having a spare toe might be fun. I could keep it in a box on my desk and show it to my grandchildren. I could give it a name, like Mr. Toe. Or Toe-ney the toe. Or Christoepher. You get the picture. Toe-do-loo.

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