Monday, December 27, 2004

The Tendonitis Twins

As I feared,the tendonitis in my left toe has spread. It's actually not in my left toe at all. It's the tendon, that little rubber band, that runs over the top of your foot, connecting your toe to the muscle in your shin that flexes it up and down.

First it was my left foot, now, it's managed to jump to my right. Thank goodness it didn't go up one leg and down the other. After my runs, I limp around like my feet are bound. A few hours later, the pain dulls to a mellow, creaky, ache. It doesn't really hurt all that much unless you're walking or standing up.

In other news, it was overcast and ick this morning, and I had half a pizza and two beers for dinner last night, so I slept in. 'll do four miles on the treadmill at the gym tonight. It's gerbil time again.

I feel like crud. What should I expect from a pizza called "The Sausage Garden?" But pizza is so tasty. Especially with sausage, and garlic and mmmmmmm. Oh. Look. It's lunchtime.

Gotta go, before my drooling shorts out the keyboard.

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