Thursday, December 16, 2004

Takin' her easy

3.5 mi.37:22 mins.Out n' About in PG10:40 mins./mi.

Today was an easy jaunt through the neighborhood, with friendly waves to the garbagemen, contractors and assorted morning folk who make up the scenery in geriatric Pacific Grove. I try not to push it too much after a longish run like Wednesday's. I'm takin' it easy like The Dude.
Still, I'm beginning to get a little stressed about speed. No, not the kind of speed you mix up from cold medicine in the bathtub of your doublewide -- the kind of speed you develop by running faster and faster. If you've been keeping track of my times, which you probably haven't, you've noticed that I haven't gotten any faster. My long runs are slower than Jessica Simpson doing calculus. I'd think that by now, after a month of training, I'd be speedier. But I'm not.

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