Sunday, December 19, 2004

Sister + San Francisco = Hill Hell

8.75 mi? 110 mins.?Nob Hill <-> Marina <-> Golden Gate BridgeExcruciating.
Today was the dreaded run with my sister in San Francisco. My lord, there are hills here. And hills. And hills. And hills. But what the city loses in difficulty it makes up for in scenery. Then again, it's hard to pay attention to the scenery when you're breathing so hard that you almost pass out. But that only happened once...
Okay, twice. But who's counting? Certainly not the kind paramedics who stopped to give me CPR. Do paramedics normally wear hot pants? Hey, wait a second. Those weren't paramedics.
But my stomach calls. Now it's time to gorge myself on Dim Sum. (I just can't get enough of those dumplings.) So I'll offer more reflections on this run tomorrow.

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