Saturday, December 11, 2004

Running (slowly) through the pastures of plenty

8.5 mi.100:30 mins.Home to Bird Rock via 17-Mile Dr. R/T11:49 mins./mi.

Donning our Gucci singlets and Chanel sweatsocks, Kenny and I were movin' on up this week for our Saturday long run, eschewing gritty Seaside and quaint Monterey for the high life in Pebble Beach.
After talking our way past the guards (not really), we trotted past three golf courses and the ocean. A man driving a black Ferrari convertibale drove by and I gave him a jaunty wave. He called security.
Around mile three, Kenny's foot fell asleep and I flounced on ahead, like the tenacious sports guy he is, he caught up by the half-way point, a drinking fountain at a place called Bird Rock. (Bird Rock is named such because it's a rock that birds hang out on. Go figure.)
Running back in tandem, I felt like Kenny and I were a team. Team Tubby. Then, Kenny said his heel hurt, and told me to go ahead. Since I'm a selfish jerk, I did just that, and left him walking. I took it slow the rest of the way, ending with an uphill grade back to my house. When Kenny arrived there, I could tell he wasn't doing too hot. Now I feel bad. I hope he can still train.
As for me, it was a pretty slow run compared to others I've done lately. The first time running that route, I didn't know how bad the hill would be on the way back. I never got really winded, but my legs hurt at the end of the run, and still hurt now. The toe thing is back, and the magic beans are begginning to take their toll on my intestines. Also, my right knee hurt a little. I'm definitely taking tomorrow off.

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