Thursday, December 09, 2004

It's not as easy as it looks

6.574:27Upper North Seaside to Lovers Point11:45

This sucks. And I'm not kidding. I feel as if finishing the marathon is further (or is it farther) away today than it was a month ago when I finished my first 2-mile run.

My training partner - Segal - likes to make jokes and poke fun at how much he is "suffering". Trust me, he's not. He may not be a model of fitness, but for some ungodly reason, he has found more success running than I have.

Which, of course, is a source of real frustration. I was the athlete in High School, not him. I was the one who played football, basketball and even ran track. I was the one who was supposed to have an easier transition to running.

But there he is, often times more than 2-minutes ahead of me. I vowed he would never beat me again on any training run. But after my pathetic showing today - where I was supposed to finish 8 miles but managed just 6.5 - I fear that he will again beat me Saturday.

The problem, I think, is medical. I offer no excuses. But my right foot has this nasty habit of falling asleep around the 3-mile mark. There is no pain, but imagine driving a car without any feelings in your hands and arms or trying to draw with out sensation in your fingers. You can do it but it is very unnerving.

So far, nobody has had a inkling as to why this is happening. I think it is time for a doctor to weigh in on it. But not any doctor, a foot doctor. A man who specializes in nothing but feet.

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