Wednesday, December 15, 2004


8 mi.89:32 mins.Lovers Pt. <-> Forest Hill11:11 mins./mi.

***(Warning: This post is heartfelt and quite prossibly boring.)***

Some runs are good. Some runs are bad. And some runs are inspirational. Today's run was one of the inspirational ones.
It started at Lovers Pt., with a citrus sun creeping over the Hopkins Marine Station and a stiff wind at my back. With the sounds of the ocean drowining out the NPR in my headphones, I jogged out to Asilomar , enjoying the waves curling toward the beach in the distance. After Asilomar, the terrrain changes from beach to forest, and I climbed a mile-long hill to the fourth mile of my run, the halfway point. The night before, I had squirrelled away a bottle of water in the crook of a tree there, and I was pleased to see a racoon hadn't dragged it off. I turned around and headed downhill back toward the ocean, trying to pick up some speed. The last two miles of the run were the hardest, going straight into the wind. The gusts buffeted my bloated body. It was hard, but rewarding. My time was a little slow, but that was okay. I still had fun.
Afterward, I did some stretched that I learned at the clinic last night. I'll cover the stretching clinic later.
Oh, and my toe still hurts.

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