Saturday, December 25, 2004

Hittin' the double digits

10 mi.119:25Home <-> 17 Mile Dr. <-> Cypress Point11:56 mins./mi.

I guess they call it Long Slow Distance for a reason. This was the longest run I've ever done. It was also one of the slowest. Despite the beautiful Pebble Beach scenery, the perfect weather and the nearly deserted roads (thanks to some guy's birthday party) I never really felt good. Maybe I should have been stuffing stockings rather than stuffing my face with fudge, cookies and bourbon balls for the last couple days.

But the most important thing is that I did it, plodding along and sweating my way to what I'm told is a landmark distance: 10 Miles.

Now, a few hours after the run, I'm exhausted. I feel like taking a nap. My legs hurt, and the tendinitis is in both feet. But I have to work. So I'll hit the fudge again.

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