Monday, December 27, 2004

Gimme a cookie.

4 mi.39:46 mins.TREADMILL9:57 mins./mi.

Since I woke up this morning feeling like an extra from Shawn of the Dead, (And it was raining and, like the Wicked Witch of the West, I'm a wuss about those sorts of things.) I decided to postpone my run until the evening.

After writing a story about the Monterey Peninsula's possible destruction in the face of a tsunami, I headed to the gym. My goal tonight was to run four miles in under 40 minutes. As you can see, I achieved my goal. Yes, I'm proud. Yes, dammit I want a cookie.

Are any of you eating cookies right now?

Let go of the cookie, reader. Just put it in your disk drive and hit send. It won't hurt your computer. Do it. I dare you. I read a study in WIRED that says this sort of thing works now. It's called The Internet, people. I deserve a sweet, gooey, chocolatey reward. I was fast on the treadmill tonight. I ate Subway for dinner, like that shchmo Jared. I was a good monkey. Give me your cookie!

(The Monterey County Herald, Blogger and The Big Sur International Marathon are not responsible for disk drives damaged by crumbs, morsels and any other bits of deliciousness. We now return you to your regularly scheduled self-deprecation.)

MMmmmmmmmm... Coooookkiieeee.

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