Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Biggie Biggie Biggie, Can't U See

8 mi.88:40 mins. Lovers Pt. <-> PG High School11:05 mins./mi.

Kenny's been talking a lot of smack. But this morning reality smacked him back. Kenny made a valliant effort, true. But he didn't count on the Biggie factor.

Starting out, Ken had the temerity to run ahead of me for a mile or so. For most of the rest of the run, I treated him to what I'm sure has become an all-too-familiar sight: my backside slowly fading into the distance.

Still, I waited for him at the run's halfway point, ironically situated in front of Pacific Grove High School, site of his distant, sepia-toned athletic glories. We ran together for a while, side by side. Then, the unexpected happened.

I had changed my radio from NPR to the local top-40 station, to switch things up a bit, to move my feet to the beat of some bass. They queued up an old-school (for me, at least) track: Hypnotize, by Biggie Smalls. For some reason, the sounds of the 400-plus-pound hip-hopper coming at me from beyond the grave made me run faster. Maybe, I thought, if Biggie had run, he wouldn't have gotten shot. At least it wouldn't have been so easy to hit him. Then again, Skinny Smalls is no name for an emcee.

Anyway, when the song came on, I half-ran/half-danced my way down Oceanview Boulevard, shaking my thang and making spanking motions with my right hand as I powered my way through mile six. Sure, it may have looked like I was having a seizure, but I was having a blast.

So, Biggie, wherever you are, I dedicate this run to you. Do do run run run. Do do run run.

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