Saturday, December 11, 2004

The Agony, but no ecstasy

8.5 mi.109:33David Ave school to Pebble Beach turnout and backPace

It is a shame. I write this with an ice pack firmly wrapped around my left achilles. Early on, I felt this run was going to be a turning point for me in my training.
It was. Just not what I imagined.
As usual, my right foot fell asleep right around 2.5 mile mark. I paused, as I always do, cursing as Segal pranced happily along in front of me. The sight of him merrily moving ahead of me revolted me and I immediately began again. It wasn't long before I caught up with him and my right foot actually felt better.
Then somewhere around the 5.5 mark, I felt a slight twinge in my left achilles. I ignored it because it wasn't really all that painful. But with each step it began to throb a bit more and somewhere around 6 miles, I knew that something was seriously wrong.
I stopped. It didn't feel much better walking - an indication of how serious it might be. As my football coach used to say, there is a difference between being hurt and being injured. This feels like an injury.
I walked the last two miles - what else could I have done. I hope that it is merely a strain of some sort. Monday, I will make an appointment and get it checked out.

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