Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Run. Breathe. Blow. Run. Barf. Spit. Repeat.

3.8 mi.40:56 mins.Around PG10:46

I picked up a cold from the airport, or from Minnesota, or from that mystery drink I swiped from the busboy's tray at the bar Friday night. Now, I usually use a cold as an opportunity to take a day off work, rent some movies, get goofed on over-the-counter cold remedies and pretend that I'm Anna Nicole Smith for a day. But I decided, for some reason, to take my vitamins, drink some water, eat a Cliff bar, and go for a run. Oops. It was actually a pretty good run. As I warmed up, I could blow my nose really easily. There weren't any problems until I got back home. I burped. My mouth filled with Cliff Bar and water, as I feared it would earlier this month. Gross.

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