Thursday, November 25, 2004

Frozen turkey in tights. Gobble gobble.

3?33:48 mins.Around Minneapolis??

After taking the red-eye home to Minneapolis, I had the brilliant idea of going out for a jog outside. What better way to see the old neighborhood? I swathed myself in a hat, gloves, vest and tights (ladies, control yourselves) and headed outdoors. "Who knows?" I thought, "Maybe my new athletic self will run into some cute suburbanites?" File that under U, for unrealistic expectations. There's no one outside in Minnesota in November. There aren't even furry little forest animals, like squirrels and gophers and marmots and the like. They sleep underground, becuase it's apparently warmer than the surface, which is a frozen hellscape. It was so cold that my sweat froze my theighs together and they had to hose me down with warm water just so I could move. But it was good to run before I gorged myself later that night. And gorge I did.

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